Bureau Etudes Jason


Being a small and flexible unit, the team at the Bureau d’Etudes Jason is able to react swiftly to, and work in close collaboration with clients, combining the inventiveness of the designer with technical requirements and constraints of budget and time.

Founded in 1986 by Jean Jason, an industrial engineer who graduated from the Gramme Institute, the Bureau d’Etudes Jason has always positioned itself at the heart of the construction industry in Wallonia. This has been achieved by putting the client at the centre of its concerns, by maintaining a close relationship with suppliers, by using the most up-to-date research and products at the cutting edge of technology, by striving to improve them and simplify their use, and by designing their own software.
With its firm foundations, and with a team of men and women who look confidently towards the future, the Bureau d’Etudes Jason is the same as its constructions: solid, consistent and bold.